WBCIA Bull Test

  • Bulls need to be born between January 1st & April 15th to be eligible for the sale (you do not have to sell your bulls), we will feed younger bull calves as well.
  • Bulls need to be vaccinated with:
    • 4-Way Respiratory (required)
    • 7-Way Clostridial (required)
    • Homopholis Somnus & Pasturella (recommended)
    • Upon arrival, we will booster the above vaccinations as well as administer a pour-on.
  • All bulls will receive a Breeding Soundness Exam, clipping, and PAP Score (included in feed cost).
  • Genetic testing is optional and will be done according to the costs associated with the respective breed association costs.


  • Cost of feed program for Non-test bulls due on delivery
  • Feed program includes the Breeding soundness exam.  Pap test will be extra, charged to individual consignors.
  • Delivery dates are flexible for non-test bulls. Must be designated as such upon delivery.


  • Receiving Date – 1st week Oct
  • First Weigh Day – 1s week Nov
  • Midterm Weigh Day – 1st week Jan
  • Final Weigh Day – Last week Feb
  • Sale Day – 2nd Friday Mar

Thank you for considering consigning bulls to the WBCIA Bull Test, and we hope to see you in October. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.